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If you just moved into a new home or are looking for some answers to your questions - this post is for you. Pierre, from Oakridge Garden Centre Steinbach, is helping us again to gain some knowledge on where the best place is for your new garden in your backyard, which trees will provide you with shade faster, how to fight weeds, and much more.

As your REALTOR®, I would like to give you a few important tips before we go further.

Remember: If you are planning on planting some trees in your yard or at the front of your house, PLEASE, contact Manitoba Hydro (Click before you dig) first and request that they come out and mark areas where you must be careful if digging.

Also, If for example, you purchased a corner lot and would like to plant an evergreen tree right at the corner - Contact your City or RM first to see how close to the corner you can plant. They may not allow anything big growing right at the corner as it may create a visibility concern for drivers. If you have any questions and are not sure who to ask, contact me.

I'm planning a garden in my new backyard. What should I consider when choosing a spot for my garden or garden boxes?
Choose a sunny location with 6 hours of sun. You may want to have it in a location that has a breeze but isn't too windy. You may also want to consider putting it near your deck so it's easy to collect fresh veggies for dinner! Either way, choose what's right for you as long as it has sun.

I may be interested in ordering a complete landscaping plan for my yard. Who can help me with that?
Erna at Oakridge is skilled at designing yardscapes that will reflect your visions for your space.

My house is a new build and has no trees on the property but I want to have nice trees that will create some shade as soon as possible. What are my options?
Linden or Basswood trees are relatively faster growing for our area. Also, Freeman maple trees grow somewhat fast. If you have a much larger yard you can plant willows or poplars. Those grow quite quickly for our seasons.
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What trees are fast-growers?
Poplars and willows are fast-growing trees.

I purchased a house with some old trees that need to be removed. Who can help me with it?
We would recommend Evergreen Tree Services.

Do I need to do a soil test to determine what would grow better in my yard?
Unless you are having a difficult time growing anything in your yard, a soil test is not necessary. If you are having trouble growing anything then you should have your soil tested.

What works better for preventing my garden from weeds: a thick layer of mulch or fabric in combination with rocks?
Thick fabric with stone aggregates would be your best option to keep weeds at bay, although a thick layer of mulch does work too.

How much mulch should I put to reduce weed growing?
A thick layer of mulch is needed to keep weeds down. 4 inches is what you should be laying down to achieve this result.

When is the best time to fertilize my garden?
The best time to fertilize your gardens is after the last chance of frost. Typically that is the first week of June.

Do I need to fertilize my trees as well?
It is quite beneficial to fertilize young trees until they reach approximately 12-15 feet in height. A strong foundation of growth will result in a tree that withstands disease better.

Plants of what "Climate zone" are suitable for Southern Manitoba?
Zone 3 is what you should look for to ensure your garden will survive our winters. This is not to say that some zone 4 and even some zone 5 plants can survive. These 4 and 5 zone plants need to be planted in sheltered locations from our harsh winters, and may also need to be protected by covering them too.

Why is "Climate Zone" that important?
Climate zones are important because if you were to buy a plant that isn't zoned for your area your plants will perish unless you buy plants that are even hardier than your zone. For southern Manitoba you want zone 3, 2 or 1 to guarantee survival.
MAY 16 / 2020

Thank you, Pierre, for answering the questions above and helping First-time Homeowners.